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        Times Education

        Times Education, founded in 2018, is a functional group under the umbrella of Times China Holdings Limited. It pursues the core values of "love, commitment and creation" as it strives to create a systematic education system covering all school-age groups. Thus, K-12 education and out-of-school education are its pillars. By providing products and services for high-quality education, Times Education helps ensure the integration and improvement of all-round educational resources.

        Times Education is committed to developing into an education brand characterized by the integrity and virtues of its parent organization. In that context, its unique educational pursuit, lofty vision and the trust of society and parents guide it on the mission to bring outthe excellence in all who benefit from its efforts.

        Note: K-12, or "kindergarten through twelfth," is a common abbreviation for the years spanning preschool through senior high school. Generally, itrefers to basic education.

        • 时代教育
        • 时代教育
        • 时代教育
        • 时代教育