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      4. Group Headquarters Times Property Times Commerce Times Industry Supervision Hotline

        Times China

        Address: Times Property Center, 410-412 Dongfeng Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China



        Postal code:510030

        The main external sector

        Media Interviews

        Contact: Department of Brand and Marketing Management, Times China

        Tel: 020-83486668

        Mail: timesbrand@timesgroup.cn

        Land Negotiations and Cooperations

        Contact: Ms.Chen, Department of Investment and Development, Times China

        Tel: 020-83486668-8104

        Cooperation with construction work/materials suppliers

        Contact: Ms. Sheng, Department of TenderManagement, Times China

        Mail: shengtong@timesgroup.cn

        supplier registration:

        Contact: Cooperation with construction work

                      Mr. Du  dufengnian@timesgroup.cn

                      Mr. Hu  huyingzheng@timesgroup.cn

                      Mr. Huang  huangzhenjie1@timesgroup.cn